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That’s me.  With my family.  My handsome husband to the left and the cutie patootie in the middle is the little being that we created together.  We all live on the Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia, a stone’s throw from the excitement of our favorite city, Vancouver, and we lay our heads at night nestled in the  ‘World’s Best Town’, Gibsons.

This is where I grew up and not only has it affected how I design and how I relate to people, it has fostered my love of nature and sustainability. I have a passion for local, sustainable and non-toxic design solutions. Most of my work falls under the category of high-end residential and boutique commercial, but I also adore working with non-profits, crowd-funded ventures, and generally awesome people who get the importance of thoughtful design and the effect the built environment has on the human experience.

My mantra is that all successfully designed spaces depend on three factors – Comfort in Function, Beauty in Form and Delight in Details. The joy of my work comes from tailoring those factors to the unique needs and wants of my treasured clients. The soul satisfying challenge of my work is delivering those results within my clients means.

With a holistic design approach, I go beyond form and function to create warm inviting spaces that align and support the lifestyles and tastes of my clients.  Holistic Design is for all of the senses, not just the eyes. It’s not about what looks good with what – it is design that helps reduce stress and allows my clients to feel good about their investment and fall in love with their homes.

I am a member of the Interior Designer’s Institute of BC.  Which means I’m not just a woo-woo artsy type, I’m also an accomplished professional with a serious code of ethics.

I’m also a volunteer ambassador for the Living Building Challenge.  I believe that good design should make the world a better place. It should be ecologically restorative, ethically just and culturally rich.

I bring something special to a project – something magical – but real nonetheless.  My work helps my clients relax, it helps them organize their lives, it offers a place to unwind, a place to entertain, and it is a backdrop to something really precious – their lives, their professions, and the time they spend with the people they love.

 This is the heart of what I do.

I don’t subscribe to trends or formulaic design, and I check my ego at the door.  The real magic for me is getting to know you and how YOU want to live. Together we will make your dream space a reality.

Stylishly sustainable and delightfully bespoke.


Angela Rae, DID