Perfect Shade of Grey


What I’m Crushing On:  The perfect shade of grey.  You don’t need fifty of them ;)  just the right one for the right time.  I stumbled upon this perfect shade when I was out of my office.  So I snapped a photo and then held that color in my mind like a vice till I was back at work with my color deck in hand.

How I Found It:  I was on a boat, heading out into dense fog off the northern tip of Thormanby Island. With oily seas and a stalwart captain at the helm – it was a perfect day for adventure.  We passed small rocky islands dotted with bright green moss which stood out like they were lit from within.  Bobbing bits of kelp and seaweed passed us by, adding just the right amount of warm brown to all the cool colors.  Finding that shade of grey again when I was in the confines of my office with my land legs back and the mist long gone from my hair – I had to ask myself, what made that grey so beautiful? I immediately knew the answer- there was just enough blue to make it fresh and just enough neutrality to keep it soothing.  Throw in hits of bright green and golden brown and it’s a very interesting palette.  Each color needing the other.

How It Relates To My Work:  I don’t know where I’ll use this palette.  It could be for an interior, a fabric pattern or maybe a graphic.  It’s kind of lovely not knowing.  It’s pure potential.  Feel free to use it for yourself if it pleases you.

For now it remains pinned on my inspiration board. A reminder that Mother Nature is the grand dame of design.