Spring Fever



What I am inspired by:  Spring Fever

As defined by Wikipedia 

Hmmm. ;)  Yes Wikipedia, that about sums it up.

For MY entertainment purposes it has inspired me to create a color palette.  I wanted to capture that first welcome burst of color this time of year.  Early spring is about very happy ‘clean’ colors seen against the backdrop of somewhat depressing and ‘dirty’ colors.  All together the palette then becomes one of hope and renewal.

Forsythia blossoms are some of my favorite early spring bloomers – and forcing blossoms indoors is the perfect way to strong-arm yourself out of a winter-mood!

Speaking of strong arms and moods……let’s have some appropriate mood music.

I’m blaming it on the ‘fever’ but this time the palette that was inspired is a little on the unusual side –  So I couldn’t resist taking this palette a little further – living with it, and even WEARING it!

FYI, I call it unusual because mixing clean colors with dirty colors is often a no-no in interior decor –  but I love turning a no-no into a yes-YES!

How you could live with it:

  • Rugged brown leather and sophisticated wool suit grey – tempered with soft and pretty shades of pink and yellow.
  • A chair that smiles at you!
  • A pretty pink cushion with a gold heart.
  • A sofa with a shock of bright yellow piping bursting forth like a spring blossom
  • Over dyed area carpet making the statement that everything old can be new again
  • Live edge wood softening the contemporary lines of the furniture
  • Burnished brass adding a time worn patina
  • “Lead With Your Heart” Art by Marlene Lowden


How you could wear it:

  • Gauzy linen scarf with bursts of yellow flowers and titillating tassels. Miriam Ocariz – amazing spring collection.
  • Gold heart studs and tassel bangle bracelets and pendant
  • Warm grey sweater and brown leather boots because it’s still cold and wet outside!
  • Classic worn in boyfriend jeans with a flirty little cami



Spring Fever is an excuse to get a little crazy!  Wear clean colors and go get ‘em dirty!