Swooning Over Fabric

Rapture and Wright_1

What I’m Crushing On:  Custom screen printed fabric and bespoke wallpaper by Rapture and Wright.

Why You Will Like It:  For a successfully designed space you not only need the basics like Comfort in Function and Beauty in Form, you also need Delight in Details – that’s the stuff that makes your heart sing.  Imagine an unexpected swoosh of pattern trailing off the end of a sofa.  Or a drapery panel with a swirl of pattern only on the leading edge. It’s old world craftsmanship done in a modern way.

Completely bespoke – you can customize where the screen printed pattern falls on the width of the fabric and even what color it is.  Swoon.

Imaginative and experimental – with a mix of artisan techniques and workshop chemistry, they create patterns for wallcovering by laying metal grounds into paper, and then play with a combination of pigments, hand printing and chemical reactions.  Art meets Science – love it.

Why It’s a Feel Good Purchase:  This is the antidote to mass production. Check out their story and watch them work.

How It Relates To My Work:  It is my life’s quest to discover sources for natural fabrics that are stylishly sustainable.  One of my dedicated sales reps from Threadcount Textiles brought this company to my attention and their products press a lot of my hot buttons  – handcrafted, nature inspired, ethical, artisan, custom, modern, experimental….hoo it’s getting hot in here.  To say I’m looking forward to her coming to present the fabrics to me later this month is an understatement. There’s one pattern and color in particular I have my eye on for one of my treasured clients and I can’t wait to show it to her!  She likes to feel the fabric against her skin and I know this 100% lambswool won’t disappoint.