Where to begin with Angela Rae? First off: she is pure heart and soul. Everything she does comes from that place. And yet, at the same time: there’s no ego! So even if she believes with all her heart and soul that we should use this material, she’s completely open to the idea of using this other one. So, secondly: she is an absolute pleasure to work with. She cares about serving you – and your project – and your vision. That is a true gift and not so easy to find in her profession. And thirdly: everything (and I mean everything) I’ve ever seen Angela do with spaces has blown me away. There is some kind of genius going on there! I’m sure she’s blushing reading this but it has to be said: Angela Rae, the Mozart of Interior Design”
– Chad Hershler, Executive Director, Deer Crossing The Art Farm + FUSE Community Work Hub, Sunshine Coast

We were very fortunate to have found Angela to work with on renovating our entire house, refurnishing it and, a few years later, having Angela totally redo our outdoor living space.

We very much enjoyed the collaborative process Angela used, to develop the best layout and execution for what we were looking for. I cannot imagine anyone better to take our ideas, scrapbook clippings and lifestyle and translate it into a workable and cost effective plan. As with many construction projects when site issues develop Angela was very quick to problem solve, a real pleasure to work with, and very creative in dealing with the issues as they arose.
– Jeff and Vera Devins, Vancouver

Thank you Angela Rae for your design help during our renovation.  The result is both elegant and beautiful, just like you. Both Philip and I have “carved” your name in our files.
– Maria and Philip, Vancouver

Angela worked with us as a team and really added value to our kitchen renovation. Her suggestions about colours, design, and the details of the job made all the difference. Our redesigned open concept kitchen turned out better than we ever dreamed possible. We’ve fallen in love with the house all over again. Angela made the experience wonderful, warm, and friendly, we highly recommend her for your next project.
– Russ and Rita Crossley, Sunshine Coast

Thank you, Angela Rae and Angela Rae Interior Design for your expertise and guidance on this project. We appreciate your vision and understanding. And we love the results!
– Charlene Sanjenko – Powherhouse Studio, Sunshine Coast

I definitely recommend connecting with Angela, she is a genius & bright light.
– Tzaddi Gordon, TzaddiMade, Sunshine Coast

Angela is such a pleasure to work with – redesigned a small bathroom with fun and flare. She has great attention to detail, makes interface with contractors clear and smooth for everyone, and stuck with us from vision to completion! Highly recommended for home design help!
– Johan Stroman, Sunshine Coast

If you want to hold an exceptional event then a critical piece is the ambiance, the environment, the décor. I held my first annual Soul + Strategy Retreat in the fall of 2013 + I can wholeheartedly share, having Angela on board, took the event to an entirely new level + from this point forward, I will not do an event without her design expertise! After only one meeting, Angela hands down nailed it! It’s as if she reached into the essence of what I was trying to create, translated it into a complete vision, then meticulously executed it within the budget. It’s not just Angela’s attention to detail that stands out, it’s her deep understanding of each element of an event. The look, the feel, the smell, the activities, the flow, the lighting + the energy. The icing on the cake is that she is an absolute wonder to work with. Her personal + professional passion is tangible + contagious. I cannot recommend her enough. If you think your next event is going to be great, think again, hire Angela + watch the magic unfold.
– Leah Goard, Business + Life Strategist, Sunshine Coast

We hired Angela Rae to help us with the design of our kitchen, master suite and a whole home furnishings plan.  She wowed us with her magnetic personality from the start and continued to make the entire process enjoyable with her grace and astute design skills.  Upon the completion of our project, we knew we had hired the right person and now can’t imagine taking on any other design projects without her. Angela Rae is simply a joy to work with.
– Homeowners, Vancouver Residence

Angela Rae’s ability to communicate her design vision made the daunting task of designing my entire home one of ease and empowerment.  She not only presented a big picture vision to me, but gave me the ‘why’ behind her recommendations. As a serial DIY’er, I feel more design savvy after working with her and appreciate that she went above and beyond to guide me in my own design path so I didn’t end up with a DIY-disaster. Angela Rae is  my design angel!
–Delighted Homeowner, Vancouver/Palm Desert/Whistler/ Residences

I look forward to every email I get from Angela. I love everything she designs for me!
– Online Client

Having your space designed by Angela Rae is like having someone jump inside your brain and pull out the greatest vision you had for your space that you didn’t even know you had. She’s that good.
– The Simpsons, Vancouver

Angela did a ‘space design’ for us, and managed to give me a dream to work on ~ it is Truly Lovely and I THANK YOU still, Angela!! Love what you created ~ it just works!
– Dana Caple Smith, Sunshine Coast

Before we worked with Angela we had no idea just what a difference working with a designer could make. The detail and creativity of her layouts are profoundly thoughtful and personal. While the project was planned online, once we received the project specifications, it was though she was speaking to us in person, not an inch of space without great care and attention. A great visionary, like Angela, can take what seems like a simple project and turn it into a work of art, like you’ve never imagined, yet feel so intimate. Our nursery has become a little oasis of pride and joy every time we walk into the room.  Thank you Angela for putting the accents and highlights into our special space.
– Katusha and Dorian Henderson, Richmond

My husband and I were fortunate enough to have Angela help us with our backyard. Before Angela, we never spent any time outside. It was absolutely terrible… dead plants, broken toys, and an old table for 4 (we are a family of 5!). It was really unwelcoming. We had a small budget to work with but Angela came to our rescue! She is incredibly skilled and imaginative. We loved working with her and the best part is now our backyard is “the” place to be! We went from being embarrassed of our backyard to now being proud and excited to have people over. Our friends love hanging out at our place now and entertaining is so easy. Everybody loves it – from the beautiful bar to the driftwood candle holders and everything in between. Now we just need Angela to do the inside of the house too and we’ll be all set.
Suzanne Doyle-Ingram and James Ingram, Gibsons Residence

Firefly – Fine Wines and Ales Retail Store Customer Reviews:

With a beautifully modern designed interior, Firefly encourages you to wander about and enjoy the experience. – Mercedes G. Vancouver, BC

The whole place has a really chic vibe to it. – Geoff B. Casper, USA